Presetr presets for Lightroom were initially developed as the answer to one pro photographer's time-management issues.

Often after an event or wedding, there are only a few moments to edit and release large sets of photographs. Editing each photo manually would be not only excruciating but at times just impossible. Now we want to give the Presetr presets to the world.

Digital image is almost always flat and uninspiring before getting color processed. Back in the old film days, every picture was color graded in the lab by professionals, and people chose their desired look by buying the film they saw fit for the occasion. Since then, we haven't had the ability to enjoy processed lab photos anymore - and that is why Presetr was created.


Often times digital images stay untouched, buried in people's hard drives, and don't ever get used. We feel that color presets done by professionals are the answer. Why should a photo hobbyist spend hundreds of hours editing their photos manually when there already is a preset that does the trick.

We at Presetr are developing color presets that create beautiful adjustments with a few mouse clicks. All you need is the image file and Adobe Lightroom software on your computer.

Our goal is to save editing time and let you focus on taking photos instead. Just pick up your camera, go out shooting, and when you're done, select a desired look from the Presetr toolkit and publish the photos!

Requirements to use

  • Adobe Lightroom installed on computer
  • High-res image file in need of editing
  • And nothing else!

Presetr Creators

Ari Hallami
CEO, Founder

Joel Laine
CTO, Founder

Sini Liila

Contact us

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