Presetr Three

17 completely new filmlike presets for Lightroom

Presetr Three is a great tool for lifestyle, wedding and studio photography. The 17 new styles offer a wide range of different filmlike looks. This package was created with the most recent Adobe Lightroom color editing tools to get the most out of your JPG and RAW files. The package still works perfectly with older versions as well (Lightroom 4 and newer).

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Fot a limited time, Presetr Three comes as a bundle with Presetr Two.


Presets included:
Brown (3 versions)
Hued (4 versions)
Muted (3 versions)
Warm (5 versions)
Vivid (2 versions)
+ 35 Presetr Two Presets

Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 or CC (Mac/Windows)

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presetr three Features:

Epic skintones

Of this we are proud. Since Presetr is developed for portraits, we made sure that the skin tones in wedding and lifestyle photos look epic at all times. No matter what light you shoot with, there is always a preset that works great and makes the skin and overall tones look neat and appealing.



Get the most out of your greens

We love greens. In fact, we make sure that every Presetr preset has its own unique look for greens. Here's how easy it is to tone your image with Presetr presets.


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(for a limited time ony: Presetr Three comes as a bundle with Presetr Two)

PRESETr three presets:

Brown 01
Brown 02
Brown 03 OE
Hued 01
Hued 02
Hued 03
Hued 04 OE

Muted 01
Muted 02
Muted 03 OE
Warm 01 Saturated
Warm 02
Warm 03
Warm 04
Warm 05 OE

Vivid 01 OE
Vivid 02

(+ 35 Presetr Two Presets)