Presetr Two

These could very well be the most advanced and tested film simulations in the world available now for your Adobe Lightroom


This is our latest and most ambitious preset pack yet. These Lightroom presets have been developed intensively for over two years, and the package combines the best of your favorite film looks, such as Portra, 400H, and some really nice black & white looks.

These highly advanced Lightroom presets will make your workflow more efficient and help produce spot on post-processing results. Presetr Two is a consistent pack of filmy looks.

Presetr presets are designed to help you to speed up your image editing. Once you get started, like us, you probably never want to go back to manually editing photos. Presetr Two includes a wide range of presets that work really well for lifestyle and portrait photography as well as weddings and other events alike.

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Only available as digital download.



Presetr Two uses all the tools in Adobe Lightroom 4 and 5 efficiently. Curves, HSL, Calibration settings, Horizon level tools, all to help you bring your photos more alive.

Presetr Two works well with both JPG and RAW files. However, we have noticed that editing JPG-images gives the best result, since 8-bit colors saturate better than RAW.

Adobe Lightroom 4, 5 or 6 (Mac/Windows)


Buy Presetr bundle
(includes both Presetr One and Presetr Two) for 99€

Buy Presetr Two for 79€


400H Alt
400H Neutral
400H Pastel
400H Desaturated
400H Pastel Soft Cold
400H Pastel Soft Warm
400H Pastel Warm
Portra 160
Portra 160 +
Portra 160 Alt
Portra 160 Alt2 
Portra 160 Alt 3



Portra 400
Portra 400 Alt

Portra 400 Alt 2
Portra 400 Alt 3
Portra 40
0 Alt 4
Portra 800

Portra 800 Alt
Portra 800 Alt 2
Portra 800 Desaturated
Portra 800 High-key Desaturated

Portra 800 Muted Soft
Portra 800 Warm
Portra 800 Warm ++

Black & White HC
Black & White HC -
Black & White HC --
Black & White HC +
Black & White HC Alt
Black & White Soft OD
Black & White Soft OD -
Black & White Soft OD +
Black & White Soft OD Alt

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400H preset

400H is one of the most beautiful looks on film for lifestyle and wedding photography.
Presetr 400H looks just like the film and takes it to the digital age.


Portra 160 preset

Portra 160 is a warm and beautifully neutral look for all sorts of photography.
Presetr Portra 160 includes total of a 5 different variations of the classic film.


Portra 400 preset

Portra 400 is the grainy cousin of the Portra 160. It has, however, a completely different
chemistry behind it and affects colors much more than the 160. Portra 400 is one of the
most popular films in the world..


Portra 800 preset

Portra 800 has a total of 8 looks, all totally different, but true to the original Portra 800. Grainy and beautiful
Portra 800 works also extremely well on difficult lighting conditions with mixed white balance and lights.

Black & White preset

Black & White presets are Presetr's most advanced looks mimicking the B&W film.
The look consists of faded and very high contrast with deep blacks. If some preset can make
black & white toning look great, it's the new Presetr Two Black & White.